About Us

We, Jesse and Tamara, are a couple of "hams" who met at an improv workshop and decided to make a podcast because... well... why not?

Your cohost Tamara is a professional writer / bestselling author who publishes her funny and imaginative novels as Angela Pepper. If you're interested in Tamara-Angela's books, and you love your entertainment in audio format, look no further than this great deal. It's performed by the award-nominated narrator Tiffany Williams!

And here it is:

Ready to dive into an audiobook adventure? For the first time ever, the first 3 Wisteria Witches books are now available as a package deal. Pick up all 3 books--that's over 24 hours of listening enjoyment!--for only a single Audible listener credit. What a deal! And if you don't have an Audible account yet, sign up now for a free trial membership, and you'll get this bundle for FREE! Can't beat that, right?

Jesse is... still working on that first novel. And he does a terrific cowboy character on stage, among other things.

Thanks for stopping by!

 Jesse and Tamara and "the technician."